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Coronavirus Update: Sindh reports 278 more infections

KARACHI: Sindh failed in maintaining a consistency in terms of new COVID-19 cases on September 26 as the authorities confirmed detection of 278 more infections, out of 11,708 samples tested across the province during the last 24 hours.
According to official data, Sindh had the rate of new infections as 1.42% on September 25, which rose to 2.37% on September 26, while the province’s handling of samples at various laboratories reduced by 25% of what stood on the previous day.
Keen observers referring to the recent infection rates apprehended that COVID-19 was concentrating again in Sindh. Sindh had five more related fatalities during the last 24 hours, against Pakistan’s six new deaths.
In all 2,486 patients have died so far in Sindh, out of a tally of 135,766 positive cases. Pakistan had a figure of 280 patients who recovered from the diseases, including 150 from Sindh.
Any breakdown of new infections in districts of Sindh was not made available to media here on September 26. Sindh’s health department also failed to update its website-page during the last 48 hours–PNFS

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