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Plight of Public Schools

Plight of Public Schools

Yet another edition of the Sindh government’s annual school census report saw the light of the day, recently, depicting the continued helplessness of school-goers and out-of-school children, which simply depicts that all is not well with the majority of children in the province. The report

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Time to work from home, if possible

Gloves are off now in the fight against the novel coronavirus, with the number of people affected increasing every day. It is, then, imperative that we as a nation do everything we can to contain the spread of the virus amongst us. In this regard,

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Building collapse

Yet another building collapsed in Karachi. This time it was a multi-storey building in the residential area of Golimar, and the incident involved two other adjoining buildings. According to reports, construction work was in progress on the top floor of the ill-fated building which was

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Food safety imperative

National Food Safety Day was observed on Sunday (February 1) across the country with a call to prevent food adulteration and ensure safe food for all. This year’s theme of the day was ‘Sobai mile hath melai, nirapod khaddo nischit chai’ (Let us all join

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2020 could be the year carbon removal takes off

By Katie Lebling, Alex Rudee and Kelly Levin Global greenhouse gas emissions are on track to rise once again to their highest level in history. Our time is shrinking to reduce climate-warming emissions enough to limit global temperature rise to 1.5-2 degrees Celsius (2.7-3.6 degrees

discouraging smoking in effective way

Discouraging smoking in effective manner

    Last week, the federal government issued some new instructions for the tobacco industry and its marketers, banning the use of power walls and displaying posters of tobacco products at points of sale as well as prohibiting online advertisements for tobacco products. It was