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Coronavirus patients rise in Sindh

By Mukhtar Alam:

The Sindh Health Minister, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, on March 29, declared that Sindh had two more deaths due to Coronavirus infections in Karachi the previous day.

Coronavirus stats in Sindh

“We received the lab reports of the two patients after they had passed away and we found out that the cause of death in both the cases was pneumonia along with COVID-19. The patients were 83 and 70 years old respectively,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, Sindh reported another 33 corona positive tests, all in Karachi, by 7 pm PST on March 29. According to the data, made available by the Sindh health department, the province, which reported its first Coronavirus positive cases on February 26, witnessed an increase of 19% in it’s over all corona test tally.

The tally increased up to 5,945 on March 29 against 4,810 of the previous day. The overall corona infection rate came as 8.44%, which was 9.75% on March 28..

A source privy to the corona control activities said that in the case of Karachi, which mostly received the air travelers from corona infected countries, there were 171 (74%) local contact cases, out of 230 cases. As such 59 infected travelers in question or other who could not be traced by local surveillance and cure team so far can be blamed for the spread of the disease in Karachi, the source remarked.

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