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Doctors fear rise in COVID-19 cases due to relaxed lockdown

KARACHI: A delegation of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), in its meeting with the Sindh Health Minister, Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho, on May 13, expressed concerns over the prevailing situation after relaxation in lockdown.
“There are crowds of people everywhere including markets throughout the country,” the delegation observed and warned the health minister that the PMA feared the number of new cases to surge in the coming weeks.
The PMA delegation included Dr S M Qaiser Sajjad, Dr Qazi Muhammad Wasiq and Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro, who also discussed at large the issues of doctors, nurses and paramedics working in the Sindh.
According to the PMA press release, the provincial health minister assured the doctor community leaders that risk allowance will be given to the health workers engaged in the care of the coronavirus patients.
The minster agreed to the suggestions of doctors for improving the capacity building measures at the public sector hospitals. She was also urged to ensure increase in the number of beds in the hospitals and the number of corona designated hospitals and testing capacity.
Dr Azra Pechuho announced that doctors and the paramedics suffering from COVID-19 will be admitted at private designated hospital, when no ICU beds and ventilator as available at the public sector hospitals, at the expense of government–PNFS

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