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SIUT coronavirus clinic detects 207 cases

By Mukhtar Alam:

The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), Karachi, has detected 207 coronavirus positive cases among people who attended its coronavirus clinic commenced operations on March 18.

A SIUT communication on April 17 gave to understand that the infection rate among the people screened and tested at the clinic was over 23 percent in comparison to provincial average rate of 10-12 percent.

Moreover, the rate of corona serious patients was also found on the higher side at the SIUT. Of these 5,800 patients 884 were tested for coronavirus while 207 patients were found positive.
“The majority was advised for home isolation,” the communication added, saying the number of serious corona cases was increasing with the passage of time.
The SIUT is undertaking screening, testing and treatment of the affected population through its corona clinic.
“The number of people arriving at the clinic is increasing with time. In the last single day 251 patients attended the clinic. Up till now 50 patients were admitted in the SIUT isolation ward on different times, out of which 15 sick patients who needed ventilator support were admitted in ICU,” it was revealed.
However, according to SIUT, seven patients who completely recovered were discharged, while two patients lost their lives, the rest were still admitted in the ICU.
The SIUT has also established coronavirus helpline which works on 24-hour basis and so far provided guidance to 554 callers. The SIUT helpline number is 021-99215469.

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