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Lahore, Karachi worst affected by COVID-19

KARACHI: Karachi, with 3,524 cases of COVID-19, on April 26 was second to Lahore in the context of the virus that has spread across the country, infecting 13,669 people so far (till April 27) and claiming 285 lives, according to a daily situation report compiled by an international health agency.

The report updated on April 27 at 9 am revealed that Lahore was on top of 10 districts with highest burden of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the country.
Lahore reported the highest percentage of cases, with 23%, followed by Karachi (13%), Peshawar (6%), Rawalpindi (5%) and other districts.
Karachi recorded its and country’s first confirmed case of coronavirus on April 26, while the first case of coronavirus was reported in Lahore on March 14.
According to the record, since April 22 onwards the number of new coronavirus cases remained above 600 per day.
It further reveled that there were 376 health workers infected with coronavirus in the country: Doctors-181 (48%), Paramedics and others 140 (37%) and nurses-55 (15%). As many as 132 health workers were hospitalized, while 152 were in home isolation and 87 have recovered from the diseases and five have died–PNFS

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