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Panic buying

By Engr A A Chandani:

We came to know through media reports that a slight minority of highly panicked affluent class thronged super stores and markets in Karachi to lift bulk quantities of ghee, cooking oil and other grocery items, while cash starved buyers kept watching the situation.

Through this forum could we appeal to the moneyed people to please desist from “stockpiling”. I live in Karachi. We witnessed this madness of “stocking up” about a month ago when supermarket shelves went bare, stores were emptied of everything from toilet rolls to bags of rice, hand sanitizers, wipes, and you name it. The merchants had a great time cashing in on panic buying. The stores  are now full to the brim again with every and anything that money can buy but the stupid people who bought like crazy in panic mode are cramped for space in their houses because of stocking up a year’s supply of such items.

When raiding your neighborhood grocery store please be sensible and leave something behind for others to buy. If you are the only one who has sanitizers in your hand then perhaps you or your children could catch something from the neighbours. Grow up! Use your brain.

Why we are so much dependent on rumours? Yesterday (March 16) I watched in a nearby Atta Chaki there was a queue of almost 100-plus ladies, gents, children and elders. I asked them why they are so panicky. Everyone looked at me as if I am someone against such purchases.

When I visited a nearby supermarket and asked for certain medicine, I was told that it was in short supply. I was also told that its availability depends on the arrival of raw material which mostly comes from China, India, and America and European countries.

Consequently, I found some logic so I too made two months stock of the medicine.

Our government needs to think about raw material. For cooking oil we are dependent on raw material from other countries. No one knows about reality but danger is flying all around.

Wish all to stay safe.


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