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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Joint meeting review COVID-19 situation

By Mukhtar Alam: The representatives of medical and law practitioners in Karachi on April 14 urged the government to expand corona screening and testing facilities to district level at the earliest. They were jointly giving a press briefing about the existing conditions of healthcare workers

Coronavirus Update: Karachi relatively calm

By Mukhtar Alam: After staggering number of high cases during the past few days, Karachi saw a significant decrease in its daily reporting of new COVID-19 cases on April 13 when the authorities confirmed one more related death, taking the death toll to 30 overall

Swift screening planned in interior Sindh

By Mukhtar Alam: Amidst apprehensions that authorities have stopped conducting coronavirus tests among population in the interior districts, the Sindh health department, on April 13, announced a two-prong action plan to check people belonging to tableeghi jamat in various districts of Sindh. The Sindh Health


‘DUHS researchers make COVID-19 breakthrough’

By Mukhtar Alam: The researchers at Karachi’s Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), on April 13, claimed having achieved a significant breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19. They, according to a DUHS press release, have succeeded in preparing intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) with plasma obtained from

‘Simple test can detect rare diseases in newborns’

‘Simple test can detect rare diseases in newborns’

KARACHI: Experts at a conference held in connection with Rare Disease Day 2020 at the Aga Khan University (AKU) have said that policymakers and stakeholders must pay greater attention to the challenges posed by rare diseases in Pakistan, mentioning that a simple blood test —

Call to address malnutrition crisis on priority

By Our Correspondent: ISLAMABAD: Speakers at a dissemination event about provision of quality services to pregnant women and newborns have called for addressing the nutrition and health care challenges across the country on an emergent basis. The event was arranged by a global organisation, Nutrition

Women march for rights, gender parity

KARACHI: Women in Karachi celebrated International Women’s Day—as like other parts of the country and the world—to highlight their social, economic, cultural and political achievements as well as pressing their demand for quick action to accelerate gender parity. While debates and talk shows on women

SFDL holds training for Police Crime Scene Unit

By Our Correspondent: KARACHI: Forensic science is an important modern age tool for solving criminal cases, therefore, training of the crime scene investigators bears immense significance for the proper collection of evidence that helps the dispensation of justice in its true spirit. These views were