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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Coronavirus Update: Fatality, infection rise

KARACHI: Sindh’s overall COVID-19 fatality tally surpassed 900, including 746 patients who lost their lives in public and private hospitals across the province, with overall 59,983 infection cases on June 17 when the authorities confirmed deaths of another 30 patients during the last 24 hours.

Coronavirus Update: High alert, apprehensive forecast

KARACHI: Amidst government’s apprehension of increased COVID-19 infections and deaths in the coming two to four weeks, Sindh witnessed a stable rate of new infections on June 14 when the health authorities registered another 2,287 positive cases across the province, with 15 relevant deaths. According

Coronavirus Update: Spiking death, infection

KARACHI: Spiking speedily, the COVID-19 fatality tally surpassed 800 on June 13 when the health authorities confirmed deaths of another 23 patients across the province, with 2,262 new infections registered across the province. According to COVID-19 data, Sindh witnessed as many as 241 coronavirus related

Coronavirus Update: Infection rate dips

KARACHI: Sindh’s daily COVID-19 infection rate dipped in by 9%, in comparison to 30% registered the preceding day (June 11), as the provincial health authorities declared 2,428 (21%) samples positive for the lethal virus, out of 11,356 tests conducted during the last 24 hours across