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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Coronavirus Update: Deaths, infection continue

By Mukhtar Alam: Sindh reported three more deaths due to coronavirus infection in Karachi, while the daily rate of the viral infection reached 15.25%, the highest of all days when 340 new cases were reported across the province. According to Sindh health department data, samples

Doctors demand tighter lockdown

By Mukhtar Alam: Senior medical practitioners representing health providers in both the public and private sectors, on April 22, expressed their dismay over what they said a loose enforcement of lockdown restrictions aimed at containment of COVID-19 spread across the province. They warned that the

Online classes launch discussed at KU

By Mukhtar Alam: The administration and teaching faculty at the University of Karachi (KU), on April 22, examined the preparations for introduction of online teaching in the wake of prolonged coronavirus epidemic in the country. At a relevant meeting, held with KU Vice Chancellor Prof

Coronavirus Update: Infection rate rising

By Mukhtar Alam: Amidst fears that coronavirus situation might worsen further in the country, Sindh recorded its average daily infection rates increased to 13.19%, with five more deaths in the province on April 21. According to the latest figures shared by the Sindh health department,

Experts seek Islamabad declaration review

By Mukhtar Alam: A group of Pakistani physicians and microbiologists based in the country and abroad, in an open letter, have urged the religious leaders to review the agreement reached between government and ulema council, recently, in regard to the congregational prayers held in mosques

Coronavirus Update: Deaths toll rise unabated

By Mukhtar Alam: Sindh reported five more deaths due to COVID-19 which is spreading fast across the province where, according to health authorities, 227 new cases of the lethal virus infection were also confirmed on April 20. According to health department’s data on coronavirus, the

Coronavirus Update: 112 new cases in Karachi

By Mukhtar Alam: Karachi reported another 112 positive cases of COVID-19 on April 18, while a senior citizen died at home due to the disease which has infected 2,355 people across Sindh since February 26. An official source said that the latest corona related death

KMC hospitals willing to meet COVID-19 challenge

By Mukhtar Alam: The Karachi Mayor, Wasim Akhtar, has once again emphasized that the various hospitals run by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) were very much capable of contributing to the governments’ ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic but these were failing to seize the