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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Coronavirus Update: Karachi under siege

KARACHI: Karachi, with 28 more COVID-19 cases, registered 736 new infections on July 11, pushing its tally of total infections to 78,375 and fatalities to 1,491, according to Sindh health department’s daily summary pertaining to the virus. As per provincial data, Karachi comprising of six

Coronavirus Update: Karachi having highest CFR

KARACHI: The COVID-19 case fatality rate (CFR) for last 24 hours in Karachi was recorded 4.87, as the provincial health department declared registration of another 1,468 new cases on July 10, with 36 new deaths across the province. According to the health department’s daily COVID-19

Coronavirus Update: Sindh’s infection crosses 100,000

KARACHI: Sindh’s overall number of COVID-19 infected persons surpassed 100,000 on July 9 when the provincial health authorities confirmed 1,538 more infections across the province, with 40 related deaths, within the last 24 hours. The first positive case of coronavirus was reported in Karachi in

Coronavirus Update: Infection rate flustering

KARACHI: Sindh, with its swinging daily COVID-19 infection rates, registered another 1,736 cases on July 8, with 23 more deaths, pushing its overall tally of the infections to 99,362. According to the health department’s data released on July 8, the daily infection rate for the

Coronavirus Update: No respite in Sindh

KARACHI: Sindh witnessed no decrease in its daily COVID-19 deaths for the second day running, as the provincial health authorities on July 7 confirmed yet another 42 fatalities, with 1,388 new positive cases, taking the death tally to 1,614 and total infections to 97,626. According

Coronavirus Update: 46 more fatalities in Sindh

KARACHI: Sindh, with overall COVID-19 infection rate of 19% on July 6, registered 46 more related fatalities, while the number of infections rose to 96,236. The province, according to data released by the Sindh health department, reported 1,708 new infections. The daily infection rate came

Coronavirus Update: Rise in interior Sindh cases

KARACHI: The interior districts of Sindh witnessed significant increase in COVID-19 daily infection rate on July 5, when the health authorities confirmed 2,222 new infections during the last 24 hours across the province, with 25 more relevant fatalities. According to the health department data, as

Coronavirus Update: ICUs full to capacity

KARACHI: Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in the majority of COVID-19 hospitals in Karachi reported running full to surge capacity on July 3 when authorities in the government confirmed 1,496 new coronavirus infections, with 22 related deaths across the province. According to data the daily infection